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The history of Bop-It | Toy of the day

Deasia Wither

February 8, 2016
Games & toys
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Bop It is a toy and game where players must follow a series of audio instructions and commands.

The original Bop It was developed by Hasbro and released in 1996. The shape of the toy was similar to a baton where it included a large button, a twistable lever, and a pullable handle. The game also incorporated three different modes: Solo Bop, Vox Bop, and Beat Bop.

The game is played by listening to a series of instructions and completing the tasks. These tasks were completed by pressing the button, twisting the lever or pulling back the handle. 

A player would need to follow the commands as the were called out. As play continued, the game’s speed would increase which would therefore increase the difficulty of keeping up with the Bop It’s demands.

The game became so successful and addictive that Hasbro created new and revamped versions. In 1998 Bop It Extreme was released. 

This revision was shaped more like a wheel and included two new commands: 

Flick it, where you would flick a green zig zag lever; and Spin It, where you would spin a red wheel. 

The issue of Bop It became one of the top selling games in the market when it was released. Since Bop It‘s original release, the game has been revamped over ten times with most of them becoming top sellers. 

The game has also been sold in mini forms as it was redesigned into a pen and to fit on a key chain.


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